Baccarat Odds

Baccarat is an incredibly popular game among high-stakes players due to the low house edge and good odds in the player’s favor. The odds of baccarat are better than the odds associated with roulette or even with casino slots.

The House Commission

With the low odds associated with the game of baccarat, many new players often wonder how the casinos make money from the game. In all actuality, the casino takes a five percent commission on all winning banker bets.

baccarat odds Baccarat Odds

This may not seem like very much at all, but when the sheer amount of money that is wagered at high-stakes baccarat tables is figured into the equation, the amount can become staggering very quickly.

The Best Odds in the Game

Although the house will take five percent of all winning banker bets, it is still the best bet in the game. This is because the banker bet carries the lowest house edge of any casino game—as low as one percent.

The player bet is only marginally worse as far as odds are concerned at a reasonable 1.25 percent, so this should be every baccarat player’s second choice.

Betting on a Tie

There are dozens upon dozens of baccarat strategy guides available in bookstores and even on the internet, and the majority of these will warn players to steer clear of tie bets at all costs.

While this may hold some truth, players should never be afraid to place a modest tie bet every once in a while. The odds of winning a tie bet are slim due to the average 15 percent house edge, but the payout is wonderful at eight or nine to one.

Players who want to win at baccarat should understand all of the odds associated with the game and learn to play baccarat before placing their first bets. Failure to do so can result in players losing their bankrolls quickly, leading to headaches and frustration.

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