CasinoEuro Adds New Blackjack Game

By | Jan 7, 2011

CasinoEuro has just added a new blackjack game to their list of casino games. This new game is not new at all, but one of the oldest games that you will find at a casino … Single Deck Blackjack.

Before you say, “oh boy, I get to count cards easily” just remember this. If you had that thought, then everyone else including CasinoEuro has thought of that. For this reason, it is single deck blackjack because there is no chance of getting two of the same cards in a hand.

The casino does, however, shuffle the cards after each hand played. It’s not very hard to tell, once you see the same card in three consecutive hands, you know that the cards are being shuffled to eliminate the option for people two count cards with ease. If they didn’t, you could just write down what cards had been played and dominate the game. That’s why this game is no longer available in any Las Vegas Casino.

Advantages of playing single deck blackjack

Before you think that this is just another way for a casino to pump out another game, realize this one fact: the more decks of cards that are being used, the higher the house advantage is in favor of the casino.

If you play a 6 or 8 deck game of blackjack, your house advantage is 0.64% or 0.66% respectively. But when you are only playing with one deck, the house advantage drops down significantly to 0.17% house advantage.

There is a significant advantage to having less cards in play. It is a little more predictable than the multi-deck blackjack games. You will not see things like many consecutive 10s or having the dealer pull a lot of little cards as often.

I will have to check the other casinos but I don’t believe that this game is offered at many different online casinos.

Play this game at CasinoEuro

Whether or not you are in a jurisdiction that CasinoEuro is allowed to accept bets, you can play this game for free in the casino games section of their website.

They offer three levels of betting with single deck blackjack: €1-40, €25-500 and €0.10-5.

casinoeuro blackjack CasinoEuro Adds New Blackjack Game

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