New Online Casino Slots

By The Vine | Mar 2, 2009

Playing online casino games is popular all year round, however for me the month that I tend to play most is March, because of the foul weather that makes me want to stay indoors and away from the cold, wet and very windy nights. If you plan to spend the cold and windy nights this [...]

Definition of illegal gambling

By The Vine | Sep 14, 2008

Frank Barney says Define ‘illegal’ online gambling

A new political initiative by Frank Barney, Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, named the Payments System Protection Act of 2008,  has just been introduced to Congress, and pushes the federal authorities for a precise definition of exactly what constitutes ‘illegal’ Internet gambling in terms of the [...]

Would you tell your spouse you lost at the casino?

By The Vine | Aug 22, 2008

Would you tell?
A man from Austria who lost thousands at a casino, and was too scared to tell his wife, decided to fake an armed robbery, so as not to arouse her suspicion.  He broke his nose, jaw and arm as he beat himself with an iron bar to make the fake robbery seem authentic. But [...]

Victoria Beckham’s Posh Casino

By The Vine | Aug 15, 2008

Various online sources are claiming that Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, will be opening a new casino in the heart of Las Vegas. A big part of the casino will host dominos games, which Victoria has apparantly taken to playing in a big way.
Eva Longoria, of ‘Desperate Housewives’ fame, and Victoria will be forming a [...]

Flirting at the casino

By The Vine | Jul 3, 2008

Microsoft and Harrah’s Entertainment recently introduced a high-tech interactive bar table that lets patrons order drinks, watch YouTube videos, play touch-screen games and even flirt with other patrons.
The tables’ offer Harrah’s a new way to track its customers’ habits and behaviours, adding to its sophisticated costumer rewards program that tracks users’ gambling habits.
The six rectangular [...]

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