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By The Vine | Sep 14, 2008


Frank Barney says Define ‘illegal’ online gambling

A new political initiative by Frank Barney, Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, named the Payments System Protection Act of 2008,  has just been introduced to Congress, and pushes the federal authorities for a precise definition of exactly what constitutes ‘illegal’ Internet gambling in terms of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and its  supporting regulations.
The Bill asks Congress to direct the Department of the Treasury and Federal Reserve System, in consultation with the U.S. Attorney General, to create “a formal process” to define what types of online gambling are unlawful in order to assist the U.S. financial services industry to comply with the burden of policing the UIGEA which Congress thrust upon it back in 2006.

The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative political pressure group that supports regulation of the U.S. online gambling market is in favor of the measure, and stated that “Chairman Frank is doing the right thing by saying it is unfair to burden U.S. financial service companies with the job of Internet gambling police at a time when their undivided attention ought to be on the economy”. 

An international world-class casino?

Melbourne Crown Casino, Australia has been getting a fair bit of advertising recently, and not of the best kind. I found a few items recently where they were mentioned. One of them was by a player who said she found arcade machines in the casino hosting Street Fighter 1V Games, for $2.

Nothing much wrong with that I guess, however, the next item I read was about a police investigation into a man’s claims that he had been seriously injured during an altercation with security staff at the casino. The man, who hasn’t been named, suffered fractured ribs, swollen jaw, and a broken nose.

Having been at the casino for a couple of hours for a work celebration, he claims he left to walk his nephew to a taxi rank, having informed security staff that he would be coming back. However, upon his return, they refused to let him rejoin his work colleges inside the casino. His claim is that whilst trying to get a friends attention to let the others know that he couldn’t get back inside, about six security staff set upon him like animals, got him in a headlock, and choked him to the point the blood vessels in his eyes burst. He also claims that his friends who came to his aide were also set upon. Makes me wonder if the ‘Street Fighter’ machine has anything to do with these horrendous actions.

The next item I came across about the Melbourne Crown Casino was from the publicity given to its lease of the building, which it entered into in 1993. A Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation report, which was tabled in parliament last week, reveals that only $1 a year rent is paid per year for the casino.  The agreement is that the owners pay $1 per year for the first 40 years of its 99 year lease, and market value for the years remaining.

Interestingly there was more to the report, that said in the five years to 20th June 2008, 148 minors were caught inside the gaming area of the casino, and it also instructed the casino that it must do better in detected people who had stolen money to gamble. Surprisingly, the report concluded that ‘The Crown” continues to be at the forefront of Australian casinos, meets the requirements of an international world-class casino complex and has a satisfactory degree of operational compliance”.

100% deposit bonus every month?

I recently introduced the all new Royal Lounge Casino. I’ve been playing many of the online casino games, and I have to say I am impressed. I put the support team to the test, and they passed with flying colours, even with my well chosen ‘difficult’ questions. I also tested out the deposit bonus claims of 777 (Euros in my case) and sure enough, I deposited 200, and have got my first 177 bonus, as stated, with the remaining to follow. They also pay 100% bonus on your first deposit every month for four months, up to 100.  I have got that far with them, being as they are new, however I have no reason to doubt that this will be the case.

I highly reccomend this online casino to all UK and Europeans. Sadly they don’t accept players resident in USA, but hopefully if Frank Barney has his way (story above) all that may change in the near future. The payout percentage for Royal Lounge Casino is 97.5 which is very good. I am still well in credit, having had a lucky run (still going) on keno. This game seems to love me! Get your 777 deposit bonus now at Royal Lounge Casino.

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