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By | Sep 16, 2013

So, you’ve played online slots games at!  Was it “Aztec Treasures”, “Barbary Coast”, or one of countless other exciting slots games? The most important thing is that you’ve won big.  Congratulations!  Now you want to get your hands on those winnings.  This article will discuss how that is accomplished.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to navigate to the “Payout” button.  It’s in the upper right hand corner of the screen right after you’ve logged into your account, or at the bottom of the “My Account” page.  You have a few choices as to how you receive your winnings, and they’re located on the left of the screen.  You’ll be asked to enter the amount you want sent to you.  You’ll be asked to verify that your account information is accurate, and then click “Request Payout”.  Your winnings are then marked as “Requested”.

One of the ways to get your winnings at is to select the option marked Couriered Check. After the time your money has been withdrawn to the time the check arrives at your door, approximately 5 to 10 days will pass. You’ll have to sign for the check. Be sure to make sure your address is up to date on your account page. To do this, click on “Account Settings” on your account page. Company names should not be in your address, and P.O. boxes won’t work. This option has a limitation in that only $3000 can be sent at once. Subsequent checks necessary to fulfill your request will be sent out every 5 to 7 days. If you have a request pending, and win again, you can combine those recent winnings with the pending request and receive only one check, as long as it’s under the $3k limit. There is a handling fee if you request less than $20. Other than that, the expectation is that you’ll request a payout once a month. More than one check requested each month will carry a fee. If you lose your check, a stop payment can be requested, but they will charge a fee for that service as well.

Another option is to request the Bank Wire option.  This way, your winnings arrive directly in your bank account.  These payments can’t be sent to any other bank account but your own.  It has to be a personal account (not a business one) and able to receive international wire transfers.  You can expect to wait 10 to 15 business days to receive your money.  Bank wires will cost $50 per transfer.  The amount allowed per transaction depends on where you live.  Once you select this payout option, you’ll be able to tell what your limit is.

Yet another method is Money Transfer. This option is for U.S. players only. This is kind of like Western Union. You have to go to a Money Transfer location. With this payout choice, there is a minimum transfer of $100 and a maximum $2,000. If you live in Arizona, your maximum is $450. You’ll have to pay a fee for each payout using Money Transfer. These fees range between $40 to $150.

Another method for U.S. players is Rapid Transfer, but that’s only if you used this service for depositing funds in the first place. Rapid Transfer transactions must be a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $800 (AZ residents maximum is $450). Fees for this service also range between $40 to $150.

There you have it. Hopefully one of these methods appeals to you and you find it easy to cash out at Enjoy your winnings and come back soon for some exciting online slots action!

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