Half a Million in Slot Tournaments at Online Vegas

By The Vine | Mar 23, 2010

online vegas april slots Half a Million in Slot Tournaments at Online VegasThis April is going to be a huge month for Online Vegas. They are offering over half a million dollars guaranteed this upcoming April in slots tournaments. This includes three freeroll slot tournaments that truly are freerolls; anyone can sign up for an account and enter these tournaments for free without having to make a deposit.

They start out with an April Fools $1,500 Freeroll where the top 5 prizes are reversed. The person who comes in 5th place will get the top prize and the person who comes in 1st will get the 5th place prize. This should make for a crazy finish to this one-day tournament. Entry is free and re-buys only cost $1.25. This tournament starts on April 1st at 1PM ET and runs until midnight.

The next slot tournament at Online Vegas is the massive Easter Week-Long $77,777 Freeroll Slot tournament. This tournament starts on Friday, April 2nd at 8PM ET and goes until April 9th. The featured game for this tournament is the 5 reel wheel of chance. Again, entry is free and if you bust out early, you can get back into the tournament for $14.50.

After that, there are three (3) 50K Weekend Madness slot. The games start on Friday the 9th, 16th and 23rd at 8PM and each one runs until Tuesday of the next week. Entry fee to these tournaments is $12.99 and the re-buy is the same price. The video slot on April 9 is Bangkok Nights, Reel Deal is the game for April 16 and Monster Money is the featured slot game on the April 23 tournament.

That’s not all, there is also an Earth Day 24 Hour $2500 Guaranteed Freeroll. Like the other freerolls, this slot tournament is free for anyone to enter. The tournament will start on Friday, April 22nd at 8PM and will run for 24 hours. Re-buys cost only $2.50 and the featured slot game is Love Bugs.

Finally, to round out the month, Online Vegas is offering a $70K Guaranteed April to May Flowers tournament that will start on Friday, April 30th at 8PM and runs until May 4th. Entry into this slot tournament costs $13.99 and it cost an additional $12.99 for rebuys. This slot tournament also features the Reel Deal.

Here’s a great article I found that gives a step by step instruction on how to create an account and sign up for a freeroll tournament with Online Vegas

Video Slot Tournaments

Here’s a quick introduction to slot tournaments: You start out with a set amount of coins in your balance. The goal is to get the highest score in your balance by the end of the tournament while playing the featured video slot game of the tournament.

Usually when you play a freeroll, you will start off with a small balance, say $50-100. If you bust out, you can re-buy into the tournament, you will be given something like $200 – $300 in your balance. The paid entry tournaments don’t generally do this.

Most of these slot machine games have bonus rounds and free spins modes. What these signify are the big wins on the slot machines. Generally speaking, any video slot that has bonus rounds and free spins pays out less on paylines overall then those that don’t. Also, any progressive jackpot slot you play will usually not have either bonus rounds or free spins and will still pay out less overall.

The general strategy you should play with is betting little when the paylines are not paying out and wagering higher when the paylines begin to hit again. It’s a lot of luck and some skill, but the ideal thing do to is time your betting right so you get a larger bet on the free spins or bonus round, which pay out (usually about 20 – 40 times your bet) based on the amount that you bet.

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